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Robb Bank$ – Camos MP3 + LYRICS

Robb Bank$ latest Song titled Camos. Download mp3 from given link below.


[Robb Bank$]
Little bitch
Fuck it is nigga
[Verse 1]
I got bitches that I’m parking lot pimping and back yard wrestling
That porn star stroke got them stage fright trembling
Got my niggas at a wine sampling mixing grape drink
Winding back them black and milds in the grapevine
Lately my mind been on that cash
Work that shaft, yeah that muscle spasm
Bout to melt my slugs and flip that whole wall black
Reservations in the tavern
Bitch, I steal the work and I’m bagging it
She love my dick so I’m flashing it
She lick the crown that’s pageant shit
I’m higher than a bitch (I’m higher than a bitch)
Jiggy with my sick chick screaming fuck my side chick
Popped to many aspirins down in Aspen on my lap
Me and my bride went and copped that gold plated casket
So we can play twilight when the moon lit up
Guess I’m prince charming since everything princess cut
Nigga that was some [?] What it is what’s up
Got 2:30 on that blunt now cop that O and roll it up
Got a new bitch with a whip that got that diamond in the back
My niggas yelling where the camos
Robb Bank$, Lansky; Basquiat and Warhol
[Verse 2: Matt Meyer Lansky]
I just snorted a stick and I ain’t feeling shit (not at all)
Your girl look like a re-re, my girl look like Ri-Ri
All she do is touch me and my jeans look like a Tipi
Pull out my pokedex and I be looking for that Eevee
Trying to Blastoise like I got Ninetails
She told me that you got that Peewee no Herman
So she come and see me to get that wet no sherman
She says that she don’t fuck the white kids that dress urban
But I flashed that Roley once and that pussy got murdered
Hair slicked back like I think I’m Pat Riley
When I pin her to the bed, boy no Norman Smiley
Suck my cock at [?] by the way that ho fiending
She call the kid for the Cudi but you know I ain’t from Cleveland
I be looking for that blond broad in that Northface jacket
Custom camo [?] just came back from hunting some [?]
Two redbones kissing in the backseat

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