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Robb Bank$ – Big Pimpin MP3 + LYRICS

Robb Bank$ latest song titled Big Pimpin. Download mp3 from given link below.


[Verse 1: Robb Bank$]
You got your head right on your shoulders, you know where you wanna go
And we can fall in love even under such thick smoke
And your hair right by your knees as you make it wobble slow
You only worried about the positives, you puttin’ on a show
You earned it girl, you earned it girl
I pour you another shot of bourban, girl
Now I sound like Drake, ’bout 12:28
About when I show you how much you deserve it, girl
And I set my counter ’bout in Florence, cause all my furniture’s in storage
I’m throwing money on a Yaris,
But I don’t speak that guala
So I can’t pronouce her last name,
Yesterday was my last day,Took the money off of that bedside
But I left a clip in the ashtray
So you can play my songs and get high to my monotone
In the Pokemon center, Skyping hoes like they Professor Oak
Tumblrgod at Starbucks, getting notes off hoes over frappucinos
Maids tucking Cartier mitts in the pockets of all your clothes
Smoking on boombastic, just so you know, that’s a disclaimer
And don’t get no crocodile tears, I’m all black gator, bitch
[Hook: Robb Bank$]
Thought maybe I should hit your phone from the way that we ain’t been talking lately
And if I wasn’t rapping baby, I would still be riding Mercedes
So go fall in love with that new nigga, just ask yourself, you think he gon’ replace me?
Chrome and shinin’, sippin’ daily, no rest until Whitey pays me
[Verse 2: Robb Bank$]
It’s the, big Southern rap impresario
Coming straight from the down south barrio
Sorry though, your bitch wanted to ride
On her Twitter AVI poking out her sides
See, how them swangers poke out, that interior rep inside
I ride it with some bricks all the way to that country side, bitch
I’m pimping hoes on tumblr, so reblog and follow back
American Spirits, she ask if I could bust her down on that
Bitch I flew from Tokyo to Forks
And I still made it back to your Bella’s place
But still haven’t found time to go and visit Miguel’s grave
See that’s that fuck shit, that nigga taught me better, right?
Civil upbringing, but I still claim that savage life
Skinny nigga at a 5 star, never ordered a salad
But y’all buff for no reason, cause I know you not ’bout it
So we can throw those hands like I throw them bands
All on her black china, got your girl good china all up in my hands
Cause I’m in your love nest, but with Christmas reef under the mistletoe
That bitch bad, a hundred HP
On that Chikorita, I thought I’d let you know
[Hook: Robb Bank$]


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