Juice WRLD – Anxiety MP3 + LYRICS

Juice WRLD latest song titled Anxiety. Download mp3 from given link below.


Uh, anxiety is bad for the soul (Ooh, yeah)
Pills and anxiety, they take control (Ooh, uh)
Anxiety is bad for the soul (Ooh, uh)
Pills and anxiety, they take control, yeah (Uh)
Bad timing, stars aligning
Lost in my abyss, please, someone find me (Uh)
Bad timing, stars aligning
They don’t wanna see me win, crucify the kid
[Verse 1]
Feeling terrible, unbearable pain (Oh, ah, ah)
Lost in my head, yeah, losing my brain
Everybody out to get me, they’re abusing my brain
Even when I’m doing drugs, shit, it don’t feel the same
Uh, beautiful, uh, incredible pain
No matter how hard I try, can’t get other people to change
Oh, she beautiful, see her through my cubicle (Ayy)
She still got a lot to learn, so do I, so it’s okay
You ain’t right all the time, neither am I
I need you by my side, right now, I feel drained (Drained)
You’re the only that can convince me that I won’t die
You end my movie, happily, I’m out that Nicolas Cage
Uh, Anx…


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